Gain Electric Independence With Our Solar Installation Services in the Bakersfield, CA area

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular among homeowners and businesses across the entire state of California. It's a logical step towards a greener and cleaner energy, and with all the stimulus from the California government, not getting solar installation is just staying behind. Don't sleep on this opportunity to gain electrical independence and team up with our solar installation specialists! We will go above and beyond to ensure that your solar system works the right way from day one.

We Offer Custom Solar Installation Solutions

Your Property, Your Choice!

Our goal here at Victory Electrical Solutions, Inc. is to provide our customers with different solutions that best suit their needs. Allow our experts to provide you with a solar solution that is fully customized to your demands and desired.

We offer the following solar installation solutions:

Off-Grid Solar System: We hook up the panels with batteries to store energy for later use, and most applications come with a backup generator, too.
Grid-Tied Solar System: This typically costs less upfront than off-grid solutions. You can sell the energy you don't use to your electric company through back feeding.
Backup Generator: Add a battery back up or emergency generator.